Rendon Road Animal Clinic was established in the mid 70’s by Dr. Chris Jenkins. Dr. Berry Brier and Dr. Frank Brandenberger joined the partnership shortly thereafter. Initially the clinic was established as a mixed practice, with 80% of its patients being Equine and 20% being small animal. The group of veterinarians ended their partnership in the mid 90’s, leaving Dr. Brandenberger sole owner. in the early 2000’s, the practice was transitioning into a 70% small animal practice. Dr. Trisha White joined the clinic in 1999 upon her graduation from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. White purchased Rendon Road Animal Clinic from Dr. Brandenberger in 2007. The current building is the original but was completely remodeled in the winter of 2010. Now the clinic is completely small animal and refers its equine patients to Dr. Trisha Tersteg of Exclusively Equine. The principles of cooperation and openness, combined with the personal characteristics of honesty, integrity and willingness to help each other are the foundation of our practice. We have genuine concern for our clients and their pets, and we are committed to providing them with the highest quality veterinary care possible.

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