This page is dedicated to all of our wonderful patients, their pet parents, as well as our clinic family. These are fun pictures, heartfelt memories and letters of appreciation. The road to our heart is paved with paw prints. Please feel free to send us your letters and photos to add to our ever growing page of memories.

October 28th, 2017

Dear Dr. White,

I have delayed writing to you as I have been struggling to find the words to express my most sincere gratitude to you and your staff for our incredible journey with Buckley over the last five years. I have come to realize that there are simply no words to describe our feelings and appreciation to you and your staff at Rendon Road Animal Clinic. The love and devotion you have all provided Buckley and our family throughout this incredible process is simply beyond words. I also want to thank you for teaming with Dr. Kelly in Santa Fe, NM to span the nearly 700 miles between us to make Buckley’s treatment possible.

We, together beat osteosarcoma in Buckley’s case and provided him with an extraordinary quality of life considering his diagnosis. I think the torsional affects on his body from walking as a tri-paw likely took its toll on his back and hips as he struggled the last few weeks of his life. That said, Buckley and our family had an amazing five-year journey. The journey wasn’t without it’s moments of anguishing decisions and struggles at times but Buckley persevered as the fighter he was and we would do it all again in a heartbeat, given the circumstances.

Thank you again Dr. White for doing what you did for Buckley and preparing him for his journey over the Rainbow Bridge. As difficult as it was, you made it as special as we could have ever imagined. You and your staff are amazing people, and always will be a part of our extended family.

In Memory of our beloved Buckley,

Tim & Nella Wardlaw

PS: Just a note to let you know how many lives you have touched through Buckley, I received a letter this week from Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science. very generous donation was made to their program in Buckley’s name. I had no idea….

“Buckley” – Tim & Nella Wardlaw’s



I just wanted to let y’all know how appreciative I am for the support, compassion, and guidance that you provided as we made our way through Macy’s golden years together. Each one of you played an important part in ensuring her final years were as wonderful as possible by showing knowledge and genuine concern for her well-being. She never would have made it as long as she did without the care she received from all of you.

And while I am thankful for every one of you, I especially want to thank Dr. Gaines…

Dr. Gaines – You were amazing throughout the entire ordeal. I know Macy wasn’t exactly your typical geriatric kitty, but you were always honest and upfront with me as we journeyed through the unchartered territory of her unusual condition.
-You always explained everything in ways that I could understand.
-You patiently answered my millions of questions.
-You clearly communicated all the treatment schedules.
-You spent my money wisely… I never once felt like I was being asked to pay for anything that was not necessary.

Again, a heartfelt thank you to everyone. And while I miss her greatly, l have a sense of peace knowing that we did everything we could for her.

No regrets.


Rendon Road Animal Clinic Sign from the 80’s

Our Patient “Lucky” King 2008

“Eva” & “Wallaby” – Dr. Megan Gaines

Tiffany Woodard photo bombing Patti Ritchie in the Lab

Gigi at Boo Bash 2017 – Patricia Walker’s

“Chewbacca” at Boo Bash 2017 – Tifanny Woodard’s

Patti Ritchie, Lori Jamison, Tiffany Woodard, Twila Rhine,
Dr. Megan Gaines, Dr. Trisa White, Dr. BJ Aigaki

May 2007 Ribbon cutting for Dr. Trisha White

In loving Memory of Frank Brandenberger

“Ozzie” – Bobby Woolard’s

“Sulley” at Boo Bash 2017 – Patti Ritchie’s

“Roscoe” at Boo Bash 2017 – Michelle Tech’s

Patti Ritchie, Lori Jamison, Tiffany Woodard,
Dr. Trisa White, Dr. Megan Gaines, Dr. BJ Aigaki

Eizabeth Anderson, Patti Ritchie, Tiffany Woodard, Lori Jamison, Dr. Kelly Wiggins, Dr. Trisa White, Dr. Megan Gaines